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Titel: My friend Marco and his MSI hat
Beitrag von: 5jungyetnosmite am 16. September 2017, 19:38:48
I've come to you with a bit of a strange request to you today, but please bear with me.

22 days ago, my friends and I were at the Gamescom, and we had a blast. We actually spent a lot of time on your booth where one could play League Of Legends in front of a crowd and while it was being livestreamed and commentated! It was great fun, and me and a friend even got to play once. We'll keep that memory forever.

There was also one friend that took particular interest in your booth: My friend Marco. 

After another one of my friends, Felix, managed to catch one of your MSI-Dragon hats, he let Marco wear it for our remaining days at the Gamescom - with great success for him. He was asked to be photographed with more than a few times, and we were able to strike up awesome conversations with strangers that wouldn't have happened otherwise. 

To sum it up - he really spent every second he could with that hat on. Even back at our hotel.

Marco truly is a great guy - but he had to return Felix's hat to him regardless. Now his head feels cold- and his life emtpy. At least he said so when he had to return his favorite headware. Was he being overly melodramatic? Maybe. But the point still stands- He loved that hat.

I have included a few pictures of Marco wearing his hat, and I hope they bring warmth to your heart, and maybe they'll inspire you to grant my request: 

As Marcos birthday is coming up soon, the rest of us thought it would be a really kind and funny gift for him to return his long lost hat.

If this is a request you can't grant - I understand aswell. But maybe you'll at least get a laugh out of our images.

Have a nice day,
Titel: Re: My friend Marco and his MSI hat
Beitrag von: HKRUMB am 16. September 2017, 20:50:04