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Titel: EFI (CLiCK BiOS) für MSI P67A-GD80 (MS-7672 / E7672IMS.Axx)
Beitrag von: Jack am 08. Juni 2011, 10:27:59
Das/die hier geposteten E7672IMS.Axx-Release/s ist/sind ausschließlich für das P67A-GD80-Mainboard gedacht, nicht für das Z68A-GD80!

Bisherige Changelogs:

E7672IMS.A00 ---> E7672IMS.A10

- Add new module, SmiVariable and \"ALWAYS_PUBLISH_HII_RESOURCES\"=1 for WMI function.
- Change the Package C State limit item default value.
- Fix DRAM Timing not match SPD value
- Fixed the system will hang in blank screen when press F11 to select UEFI DVD installing 64Bit OS issue.
- Add multi BOM support(601-7672-010,601-7672-020).
- Improve mouse compatibility in bios setup menu
- Modify Product name in DMI Info.

E7672IMS.A10 ---> E7672IMS.A20

- Fix plug 4 dimm G-Skill F3-12800CL7D boot fail when XMP enabled.
- Fix G-Skill F3-14900CL9D/F3-14900CL9D timing incorrect when XMP enabled.
- Fix Patriot PSD38G1600KH memory boot fail.
- Fix Update BIOS will clear current time issue.
- Fix the GT ratio show error issue when OC genie enable
- Don\'t clear password when load defaults in BIOS Setup.
- Update Memory Initialize Reference Code to version: code update 170)
- Fix mouse click will hang 0Dh in some page when entering setup with user password
- Add beep for BIOS Spec
- Fix plug PCI lan card don\'t boot issue when the \'Lan Option ROM\' item set disabled.

Aktuellstes BETA-Release:

E7672IMS.A20 ---> E7672IMS.A32

- Fix VIA USB HUB as removable device in WHQL test.
- Fix some keyboard can not work through modify a SIO bit.
- Fix the Package C State limit item No Limit option value.
- Patch Korea LCD monitor \"Shimian\" can not boot issue
- Fine tune 2133Mhz memory stabilization
- Fix Post Screen show CPU speed 100x63=6300 MHz when \'Adjust CPU Ratio in OS\' is enabled.