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Titel: AMD Juni 2004 Roadmap
Beitrag von: Xela am 16. Juni 2004, 14:26:48

AMD announced a technology milestone with the completed design of its AMD64 dual-core processors. AMD plans to deliver high-performance dual-core products to the x86 server market in mid-2005 and introduce dual-core solutions for high-end client PCs in the second half of 2005.

With an unwavering focus on customer-centric innovation, AMD was the first to present an x86 dual-core strategy and is now the first to announce the completion of an x86 dual-core processor design for 64-bit computing. Also, the upcoming AMD Fab 36 will enable AMD to introduce technologies and products that deliver pervasive 64-bit computing, including multi-core 64-bit computing.

Enhancements to AMD64 processors will continue with the transition to 90nm manufacturing that began this quarter, providing greater flexibility to boost processor performance and lower power. AMD\'s manufacturing leadership is further demonstrated by its technology collaboration with IBM, and AMD Fab 36, which is expected to be ready with 65nm manufacturing capability in mid-2005. This will enable AMD to deliver lower-power and higher-performance 65nm products in 2006.