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Titel: Help OC MSI p45 Platinum +E8500
Beitrag von: DrCrow am 07. September 2009, 22:27:46
Where the problem my bios settigs?

Multi -step OC booster :Disable
D.O.T Control :Disable
Ä°ntel Eist :Disable
;ntel C-State: Disable

FSB Frequency : 525Mhz
Multiplier :8
CPU Frequency :4.200Mhz

Dont stability up voltage CPU,MCH,VTT
CPU Vcore: 1.42-1.43-1.44-1.45
VTT FSB Voltage :1.21-1.22-1.23
CPU GTL Ref0:Auto
CPU GTL Ref1:Auto
Memory Voltage :2.20
DDR Ref All Auto
MCH Voltage : 1.38 dont stability UP 1.38 to 1.47
MCH Ref :Auto
ICH Voltage :1.62 to 1.67

Memory Settigs
Memory Timing :
Enchanched Memory : Enable
FSB:Dram Ratio : 1:1 1050Mhz

Clckgen Tuner
PCÄ° Frequency :Defaulth
Auto Disable DRAM/PCÄ° Frequency :Enabled

CPU Amplitude Control :Auto
PCI-Expres Amplitude Control :Auto
CPU Clok Skew :Auto
MCH Clock Skew :Auto

Spread Spectrum : Disable

Bios version A7512IMS.178 [v1.7b8]

My CPU Temp Max:67C
My Case Left side two 12cm intake fan mobo fresh.

these settings are not stable , could you pls give the correct settings ?
My CPU Another Mobo 4.250 Mhz 1.43V stable , Memory 2,20V 1.100Mhz stable another mobo.

Thanks For Help :winke