LEDs on X470 Gaming Plus Max
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LEDs on X470 Gaming Plus Max
« am: 22. November 2020, 18:38:47 »

I'm the new here.

Recently I build my first PC. Pretty happy with it since its a build on a budget.
My Question to perfect my project is now: Is there a way to turn off the, I was told they are indicator, LEDs on the Mainboard? It's three LEDs: two above the RAM-Slots and one near the GPU.
The red dont match the rest of the PC.
If theres a way to switch them to white I'm also glad.

Another Question I got concerns my monitor: The Optix MAG271CR-030. And yes its also a RGB-Question. ^-^
The Monitor got this cool LED-Option on the back. But i can't figure out how i can control them.
There was many suggestions like the MSI Remote Display, the MSI Gaming App, the Dragon Center and some other.
But none of these was able to control the LED of the Monitor.

Thanks in advance


PS: Yes i was crazy enough to Paint the GPU-Case white :thumbsup: